Like many, I have loved tattoos for agessss! I’ve been able to legally get a tattoo for quite a while now, but I still haven’t gotten round to it. Annoyingly, there are so many things that I need to consider, and I’ve discovered that getting a tattoo is so much more complicated than I realised.

So first things first, I need to choose a tattoo design. I’ve been saving so many pictures from tumblr, weheartit, and Instagram for a long time. Instagram’s new(ish?) save feature means that I have a whole collection of tattoo inspiration photos. Does it have to be a meaningful design? Or can I just get something that I think is pretty? I recently decided on an idea that I liked, but I’m still wavering. The only thing that I’m actually certain on is that I wouldn’t get any names or words tattooed (although I recently saw a Joyful Heart Foundation inspired ‘fearlessness’ tattoo that I loved, so who knows?). Basically, I’m indecisive, especially when it comes to something that will be on my body for the rest of my life.

I’d need to think about where I would get the tattoo on my body. I’ve always wanted a sternum (breastbone) tattoo, but the design I’ve decided doesn’t really suit there, if that makes sense. Also, the sternum seems to be one of the most painful places for a tattoo, especially for a first one. So maybe I’ll wait until after I’ve had some experience with tattoos before getting a really painful one. I know that I probably wouldn’t want my tattoo in a very visible place. I think I want this, but maybe I’ve just been socialised into the idea that tattoos are unprofessional, eh?

I would also need to decide which tattoo artist I would want. I do have two favourite artists that I have been following on social media for quite some time now. My favourite is Tukoi Oya, but unfortunately she is based in Melbourne, so it might be a bit far to travel for a tattoo… (Side note – she does super cool UV tattoos, which I don’t really think I would want for myself but they look amazing!) Another tattoo artist that I love is Medusa Lou. This artist isn’t quite the other side of the world, but she’s still the opposite end of the country. I looked it up, and it’s a 10 hour round trip journey, and train tickets cost £140… So it seems that I’m doomed to have every tattoo artist I like be based very far away from me.

The final thing in my way is the cost. I genuinely have no idea how much tattoos are supposed to cost, or if I’m being ripped off. Also, I don’t know if I can actually afford one at the moment. Maybe all of these roadblocks are just signs telling me to wait a little bit longer, as upsetting as that is for me.

So all of this unfortunately means that I probably won’t be getting a tattoo for a while (although cue me soon impulsively getting one and showing it off on insta stories…). Do you have any tattoos? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. It sounds like you’re putting a lot of thought into this! And picking a great designer is so important, it is on you forever after all. I don’t have any tattoos but one of my friends is basically covered in them and she frequently books up to 9 months in advance to get the person she wants and gets some extra time to save for it. I’m sure yours will be amazing when you finally get it x


  2. Oh I know what you mean!! I’ve been thinking on getting one as well, but as I keep changing my mind about what I want, where I want it, etc. I decided it was better to wait to be sure haha
    I’m just a bit scared of regretting it if I get something, so I prefer to wait. And it’s completely fine!
    So don’t pressure you and once you’re ready, go for it! Good luck!!


    1. I actually ended up getting a tattoo yesterday (basically as you were posting this comment)!! I’m super happy with it and I’m so glad I’ve done so much research on it. Thanks for reading!

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