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Alongside having this blog, I’m also a bit addicted to social media. Here’s where you can find me on other platforms. Let me know when and where you’ve followed me, I’ll be sure to follow back!

Social Media

I actually have two Instagram accounts. My embroidery account @jemstitches is where I am most active. You can also request to follow my personal account, @jemina_marina, if you want to. 

My Twitter account is also @jemina_marina, although I’m not as active as I used to be on there. 

I am @jemina_marina on Pinterest. Follow me for positivity, home inspo, outfits, and embroidery designs! Oh, and I also have a board dedicated to cute animals. It’s great. 

You can search for ‘Jemina Marina’ on Bloglovin  to follow me on there. 


Other Links

As I mentioned above, I do embroidery. I sell my hoops on Etsy, along with handmade tote bags, jewellery, and keyrings. My store is called JemStitches on there if you want to search for me. Even if you can’t afford anything at the moment, adding my store to your favourites and sharing it would be a massive help! 

I’m trying to be more sustainable in my clothes shopping habits, so I’ve been using depop more often. Once again, I’m @jemina_marina on there. 

You can also find some of my designs on RedBubble. Annoyingly I couldn’t change my username on there so I’m @jeminamarina, without an underscore. 


Anyway, thanks for checking out some of my other platforms! You can go to my about page if you want to know more. 

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