I originally started writing this post thinking it would be a short summary of a few of my recommendations of great shows to watch. But I soon realised that I have watched quite a LOT of TV shows over the past couple of years. In light of that, I decided to narrow it down a bit. So this eventually turned into a list of some of my favourite US comedy TV shows, enjoy!

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Parks and Recreation (2009)

Parks and Rec is about a small local government department in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana. Starring some fantastic actors, including Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza, Adam Scott, and more. I first started watching this show when I was about 15 and I was absolutely obsessed with it!

I’ve watched and re-watched it so many times at this point. When the Aziz Ansari scandal broke in late 2017, I stopped watching it because I was angry, basically. I re-watched it from the start a few weeks ago and I realised that I shouldn’t have to miss out on watching my favourite shows just because one of the actors has done a bad thing! Despite my initial discomfort and general feeling of awkwardness watching Tom (Aziz’s character), I eventually got to a place where I felt ok. Unfortunately, he’s not the only bad apple; but I digress.

Parks and Recreation is a great, light-hearted comedy with a mostly great cast, and some amazing stories.
TV shows - Parks and Recreation

The Office (2005)

Ok, so I mainly mean the US version of The Office, but the UK version is great too. It’s by most of the same writers and creators of Parks and Recreation, which is why I enjoy both TV shows. If you haven’t heard about it, The Office is all about life working for a small-time paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

You don’t have to watch all of the episodes in order, although it helps. Whenever I watch it though, I skip season one as the show is still finding it’s feet at that point. My all time favourite episode, and it’s probably everyone’s favourite episode is “Dinner Party”. The cast found this episode so funny to film that even they couldn’t keep a straight face, the bloopers are well worth a watch.

Brooklyn Nine Nine (2013)

This is probably one of my favourite TV shows ever. It’s about a diverse group of NYPD cops in the 99th precinct, starring Andy Samberg. When the news broke in May that Fox were cancelling B99 after five (amazing) seasons, I was literally heartbroken. It was probably then that I realised just how big of an impact that Brooklyn Nine Nine has on me. Luckily, NBC picked it up for season six, and just a few days ago renewed it for a seventh season! You can watch it on E4.

It is definitely a show that I would recommend watching, as it has fantastic representation and can deal with serious issues in a funny way. It has some of the best cold opens of any show I’ve watched, like the one shown in this video:

The Good Place (2017)

To put it simply, The Good Place is about the idea of heaven and the afterlife. It has the most attractive cast ever – look up their GQ photoshoots if you don’t believe me. It stars Kristen Bell, Jameela Jamil, William Jackson Harper, Manny Jacinto, D’arcy Carden, and 80s heartthrob Ted Danson. There are so many great guest appearances from hilarious actors too!

The first time I watched The Good Place, I was cracking up within the first 5 minutes. As a series, it’s pretty awesome, and the only thing that I can fault it for is not being long enough! So far there’s only three seasons with 12 episodes each. The show’s popularity hopefully guarantees that there’ll be more seasons to come, thank goodness.

It is great to see such a popular, mainstream show about ethics and moral philosophy. (I’ve just realised that this is the fourth show on this list that is created and/or written by Michael Schur, who I evidently love a lot). Anyway, I think that it’s such a feel-good show to watch that leaves you with a warm, tingly feeling. TV shows - The Good Place

Fresh Off The Boat (2015)

This show centres around a Chinese-American family who move from Washington DC to Florida in the 90s. They pursue the American dream and open a cowboy themed restaurant. The parents of the Huang family, Louis and Jessica, are played by Randall Park and Constance Wu. It shows their, occasionally misguided, attempts at assimilating into work, school, and with neighbours.

When it first aired, Fresh Off The Boat was the first US network TV show about an Asian-American family for over 20 years. Not only is it hilarious, it’s also an important representation of Asian families for US audiences. And there’s also a fun sense of nostalgia for anyone who grew up in the 90s – one episode even features a tamagotchi funeral.
TV shows - Fresh Off The Boat

Superstore (2015)

Anyone who has ever worked retail or had to deal with the general public will absolutely be able to relate to the chaotic but fun world portrayed in Superstore. It stars America Ferrera, from Ugly Betty fame.

There’s a weird backstory for why I started watching Superstore – my younger brother was in New York and I was feeling super worried. It didn’t help that all I was watching seemed to be shows about crime in New York City (Brooklyn Nine Nine and Law & Order: SVU). So, I sought out something new that was a little more light hearted and wouldn’t cause me to become more anxious than I already was – and Superstore was there! Ironically, my brother ended up loving Superstore so we watched it all from the beginning when he got home.

It’s on a mid-season break at the moment, but luckily season 4 returns next Thursday on NBC for US viewers!
TV shows - Superstore

I’ve included links to where you can watch these shows via Amazon, and a few of them are also available to watch on Netflix. However, you can watch all of these shows and more on Ororo. You can use my link to get an extra 10% of your subscription time for FREE! It has such a wide selection of TV shows and movies to watch, and you can choose which subtitles you watch with, and learn a new language while you watch!

Have you watched any (or all) of these shows? What did you think of them? Do you have any similar show recommendations? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to keep in touch on social media!


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