Hi all, and happy Halloween!

What with it being the last day of October and all I thought I’d just do a quick post to remind myself of all of the lovely things that happened this month. I haven’t had the greatest week or so for a number of reasons, so I want to remember the good moments rather than dwelling on the bad.

One thing that really stands out from this past month is finally seeing Hayley Kiyoko live in London! I was lucky enough to be able to get a ticket for her first ever show in Europe and it was the best experience. She is such a great performer and I was I was super anxious to be going by myself but I met the most wonderful girls in the queue and didn’t feel alone anymore. On that note, yesterday I nabbed another ticket to see her when she comes back to Europe in 2019! I feel so lucky.

I got my first tattoo! You might’ve read my post about tattoos already, which I think shows just how much research and thought went into my decision to get one. I was tattooed by the lovely Jay at Clarence Street Tattoo as part of a special event they were doing for World Mental Health Day. This was part of the reason that I decided to go for it and book my tattoo. I knew that if I did end up not going through with it, the money would be going to a good cause anyway and I wouldn’t feel as upset about losing it. But I faced my fear and I went through with it! I was so nervous but the 30 minutes of slight pain was definitely worth it for the gorgeous addition. I’ll replace the below picture with a better quality one when my tattoo is fully healed, which shouldn’t be too long now!IMG_3457.jpg

I got to see my friends when they came home from uni one weekend. It was so lovely to be able to see everyone again and catch up!

At work, I completed my training, which was great as it’s helped me to gain a bit more confidence!

I’ve been on top of things and actually processed stuff from my store. It sometimes seems like such an impossible task to package things and take them to the post office, but I did it anyway! This may seem like such a small thing, but it’s actually a massive deal for me!

Similarly, I’ve had a great month on RedBubble. I’m pretty sure this is due to all of the Brooklyn Nine Nine designs I’ve been uploading! I’m really proud of this. I have so many designs on there, and there’s still more that I need to add so please check it out!

A bunch of my favourite TV shows came back for new seasons! I’ve been loving the new episodes of The Good Place, Law & Order SVU, Superstore, and Fresh Off The Boat. I’m still waiting until January for season five of Jane The Virgin – that cliffhanger is still stressing me out!

Speaking of favourites – I’ve rediscovered my love for podcasts with My Favorite Murder. (It’s American so I have to spell it without a ‘U’ unfortunately.) It’s a pretty awesome true crime/comedy podcast, which has managed to shock me, cheer me up, and make me cry all at once. What more could you want?!

I think that just about sums it up for October. I didn’t realise how much I needed to write this post. October is usually a bad month for me, but maybe I only think that because I can’t focus on anything other than the negatives. I need to make sure that I look on the bright side and stop dwelling on bad memories.


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