So this is the boring bit of the blog…

Ownership Everything on this site has been created by me, unless otherwise stated. If you are going to share images or content from this website I ask that you kindly link back to the source. All of my images are taken with a Canon EOS 1300D.

Free products As a blogger, I am often sent free gifts in exchange for product placement on my blog. Products that have been gifted to me will be clearly labelled. I will always give my honest and genuine opinion, and I would not accept a product if I would not buy it for myself.

Affiliate links I may occasionally use affiliate links in order to gain a small commission. I will never include misleading links, all links will be to a product or store mentioned. Affiliate links will be clearly labelled.

Sponsored posts Any products or services that I am being sponsored to write about will be clearly labelled. When it comes to sponsored content, I will never use text written by someone else because this is my personal blog so I will always use my own words.

Views The messages on this site are my personal views and not those of my employer.

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