Ever since results day, I’ve been super excited about going to university to study subjects that I love! But alongside that, I’ve been nervous about moving out, living in a new city, and money worries. So after a lot of consideration, I’ve decided to defer my place at uni and take a year out.

I haven’t fully processed it yet. I’m kind of happy that I’ve been brave enough to make a decision that is good for me. I will have a year to relax, without having to worry about academic coursework or exams. I can take this opportunity to make some money before going to uni, making future me less stressed. On the other hand, I’m upset because I was really looking forward to studying topics that I’m really passionate about. I’m going to have to watch my friends leave and have fun at uni, whilst I have to wait another year. But obviously, I know it’s for the best. I need to put my mental health first. So, instead of this being a mopey post, I’m gonna make a simple list of goals that I hope to achieve during this gap year.

Pass My Driving Test

I’d love to pass my driving test within this year. I put off driving until I was 18 because I didn’t have the money and I didn’t feel ready yet. I always wanted to get my licence before going to uni. I’ve already passed my theory test. (Is it appropriate to take this opportunity to brag about it? I’m going to – I got 49/50!) Anyway, I can drive well – I even drove the 120 miles up to Birmingham with my mum recently. I’m just anxious about the idea of a driving test, I haven’t even felt able to book it yet. So this is going to be something I hope I can achieve before heading to uni.

Pass My BSL Level 3

I’m going to take this time to get my BSL level 3 qualification. I passed level 1 when I was 10 and I’ve wanted to move on to level 2 ever since. It’s been the best part of a decade, so I’m just going to skip past it and go straight to level 3. One of the driving forces behind this is that it will give me more opportunities for part time jobs when I am at university.

Get A Job

I’ve already started my job hunt, and I want to find something that I can do to earn money for university.

Fight Trichotillomania

I want to focus on fighting my trichotillomania. It’s a compulsive hair pulling disorder that I have had for over a year. I’ll be uploading a detailed post about this soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Focus On The Blog

I am going to be more active on the blog when I am able to. My main goal is to increase my DA, as it has been tough going self-hosted.

Thank you for reading and for your support. Make sure you are following me on social media to keep up with my progress.


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