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Taking A Gap Year

September 8, 2018

Ever since results day, I’ve been super excited about going to university to study subjects that I love! But alongside that, I’ve been nervous about moving out (to the point of some pretty bad panic attacks). So after a lot of consideration, I’ve decided to defer my place at uni and take a year out.

I’m really upset about this, as I was realllyyyy looking forward to studying a topic I’m passionate about. But obviously I know that it’s for the best, and I need to put my health first. So instead of this being a mopey post, I’m gonna make a simple list of goals that I hope to achieve during my gap year.

  1. Pass my driving test – I can drive well but I need to actually book and then pass my test! I’m sure this will make a huge difference to me and make me feel more independent.
  2. Pass my level 3 BSL – I achieved my level 1 when I was 10, and I’ve wanted to do my level 2 ever since! Now it’s been so long that I’m just going to skip past it and go straight to level 3.
  3. Work – I’m going to get a proper job so that I can save for uni next year.
  4. Beat trichotillomania – I’ll be uploading a detailed post about this soon so keep your eyes peeled.
  5. Be more active on the blog – my main goal concerning this is to increase my DA, as it’s been tough going self-hosted!

These are just a few basic goals for the upcoming year. I’m determined to achieve them as well as much more!

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  1. Best of luck with all of your goals. Don’t be hard on yourself either, taking the year to prepare and achieve some other things before heading to uni is definitely not a bad thing, it will still be there next year. I also am aiming to increase my DA but it is a bit of a slow burner. Thank you for sharing xx

  2. Hey! I completely feel you! Two years ago I was so excited to go to uni and start my career! This year before I even took my final exams due to so many reasons that happened this past year I could barely focus in school and my grades dropped. I knew I wouldn’t get into uni and if I was lucky enough to get in I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the work! I have decided to not go and let me tell. I am so happy I didn’t go. I have been blogging five months and I now truly know what I want to do with my life!

  3. Good luck with everything!! I also need to pass my driving test; I’m 18 and over here in The States I’m a bit behind all my peers, a lot of whom have had their permits/licenses since they were 16. Here’s to hoping we both manage to take care of that!!

  4. Well done you for recognising that you needed some time!! It’s so much better to put your mental health first ❤ exciting goals as well! Keep us updated 😊 x

  5. Good luck with all your goals! Become a full time blogger, rent a better and more spacious apartment and set up a fashion industry are my major goals for this year.

  6. I really wanted to take a gap year to build my CV along with myself, however, my teacher said it’s better for me to go to university without a gap year.

  7. Good luck with your goals! Lots of people recommend taking a gap year and I have always had second thoughts but after reading this post I might actually think about taking a gap year aha.

  8. That is so great that you have set actual goals for your gap year! A gap year is so great, gives you time to fully make sure you’re ready to commit to such a big step! Good luck 😌 !

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