About Me

Hi, I’m Jemina and I’m a writer I guess. I kinda started out on Instagram, posting pictures of makeup and my dog (although the only thing that has really changed is that I now have two dogs). When I managed to gain quite a significant following on there (around 20k during my GCSEs), I started a blog. I’ll admit it, this was partly a way to avoid revision and just procrastinate in general, but mainly because I wanted to write more. I re-launched my blog in July of 2017 after wanting to move from Blogspot to WordPress. One day, I, very impulsively, decided to go self-hosted. So now I’m here, at www.jeminamarina.co.uk! Something that might become apparent is that I am pretty impulsive. I’ve decided to shift the focus of my blog from beauty to more personal posts; I really want my readers to get to know me!

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– Jemina Marina